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Do You Need To Pay To Play League Of Legends?

You really know that this game has become one of the successful in the entire world. But do you know whether you can play this game free of cost? Did this game really allow you to play for free? Or there is something more you need to know about this game? Can you actually download it for free? This game is actually free to download. You can directly head towards the official website of League of legends and download the game. But don’t you think from where the developers are getting the profit? Or how the developers are affording so many users to play the game? Rio Points in the game To earn the profit, they have developed their own currency. You can actually able to spend this on buying cosmetic item like fancy skins, name changes and many more. Most of the amounts actually vary between 10 dollars to 100 dollars. Most of the people invest the money in buying skins. The developers actually release plenty of different skin every week. Players just love to add